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Skinned Alive (1990)

This is the tale of a crazed family of weirdos led by Crawldaddy who like to kill people and remove their skin.

The movie Skinned Alive, released in 1990, features 12 songs from artists like Foxx, Dave Jackson and Kenny Boyd, Hang Dangle and Seven Sez U. What is your favorite song from Skinned Alive?


Songs from Skinned Alive

Sex Patrol
You Broke My Heart, So I Broke Your Neck
Dave Jackson and Kenny Boyd
Song of the Swamp
Dave Jackson and Kenny Boyd
Hang Dangle
Off With Their Heads
Hang Dangle
My Veins Run Cold
Seven Sez U
Have Your Fun While You're Young
Virgil Pittman
Will You Visit Me On Sunday?
Virgil Pittman
Out On the Road
Willie & The Wagon Wheels
Louisiana Love Purchase
Willie & The Wagon Wheels
Love Turns To Darkness
Joy Circuit
Think of You
The Ninja Sequencers

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