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Shredder (2011)

Travis, a high school senior, spends his spare moments fiddling around on guitar, writing silly songs to amuse girls. One night, he overhears a virtuoso, and is awakened to the instrument's full potential. A newfound passion for honing his skills takes hold-which causes unforeseen conflicts with his friends and more-than-friends.

The movie Shredder, released in 2011, features 14 songs from artists like Cody Clarke, Emelia Benoit-Lavelle, Oliver Kalb and Ricky Wells. What is your favorite song from Shredder?


Songs from Shredder

Belly Button
Cody Clarke
Amy's Bed
Cody Clarke
Monkey and Fish Song
Cody Clarke
Rock and Roll
Emelia Benoit-Lavelle
Common Sense
Oliver Kalb
You Are The Sun
Ricky Wells
Hillary Capps
A Colder Poughkeepsie Rain
Alex Hiatt
Greg DeLiso
D is for Divorce
Anthony Kapfer
Weil Blues
Jared Weil
Rob Goldstein
True Life: I'm Dead
Rob Goldstein
Daniel's Solo
Allen Van Wert

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