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Scarred (1983)

Twenty years ago, after his wife gave birth to another man's baby, an alcoholic husband sought revenge by slicing off the child's face and throwing her tiny body in the swamp. Today, the locals say that the little girl never really died -- and that she aimlessly roams the forest looking for a pretty face to take for her own. Now, a family of campers who've come to the woods for the weekend are in for a gruesome surprise.

The movie Scarred, released in 1983, features 12 songs from artists like Boy, the Nu Kats, The Signals and Kim Fields. What is your favorite song from Scarred?


Songs from Scarred

World We Live In
Can't Keep A Bad Boy Down
Street Life
the Nu Kats
Money Speaks Japanese
Clam Up
The Signals
Message Of The Heart
Kim Fields
Sign Of The Times
The Difference
Don't Let Go
Modern Design
Oasis Of Love
Kim Fields
No Tomorrow Today
Tim Timmermans
World Outside My Window
Second Language
The Plugz

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