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Roadkill (1989)

Ramona works in a concert agency and is sent after the rock band 'Children of Paradise' who have disappeared. Since she can't drive, she has to take the train and bus and eventually hitchhike. On her way through the Canadian back country she meets the weirdest people - and learns to drive, what leads to... roadkill.

The movie Roadkill, released in 1989, features 20 songs from artists like The Razorbacks, Cowboy Junkies, Handsome Ned and the Sidewinders and The Ugly Ducklings. What is your favorite song from Roadkill?


Songs from Roadkill

It's Saturday Night
The Razorbacks
200 More Miles
Cowboy Junkies
To Love is to Bury
Cowboy Junkies
Put the Blame on Me
Handsome Ned and the Sidewinders
She Ain't No Use to Me
The Ugly Ducklings
White Lines
Magic People
The Paupers
Street People
Graeme Kirkland and The Wolves with Julie Massey
Dead Drunk Johnny
10 Seconds Over Tokyo
Howlin' At the Moon (Sha La La)
Sturm Group
Suffer Machine
Instant Death
Burning Rain
10 Seconds Over Tokyo
We Shall Be the Leaders
Nash the Slash
Thangst for the Angst
Luke Koyle
Have You Seen My Shoes
The Singer (The V.O.T.P.)
Stompin Tom Connors
Dancing Cadavers
Teknakullar Records
Nash the Slash

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