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Resisting Paradise (2003)

Hammer’s 2003 film Resisting Paradise, which deals with the concept of art as a tool of political resistance, was especially fascinating to me. Hammer, who was doing a painting residency in Cassis, France, when war broke out in Kosovo, found herself questioning the validity of art in the face of political conflict and unrest. She began exploring the history of the French Resistance in Cassis, and used that as a chance to reflect on how Cassis’ artistic community, both those who were threatened by the Nazi occupation of France and those who were able to remain relatively neutral, reacted to the atrocities of the Second World War.

The movie Resisting Paradise, released in 2003, features 7 songs from artists like Steven Greenman, Tobaron Waxman and Alicia Svigals, Klezmer violin. What is your favorite song from Resisting Paradise?


Songs from Resisting Paradise

Sous les ponts de Paris
No. 1 Allegro Andante
Ono Tovo
Ahavo Rabbo Shteyger
Steven Greenman
Psalm 23
Tobaron Waxman
Kale Baveynen
Alicia Svigals, Klezmer violin
Track 6

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