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Reluctant Angel (1998)

Jason is a small-time criminal and con artist. His misdemeanours range from petty scams to outright robberies. He is also manipulative and domineering. But his girlfriend Cheryl is so desperate to become a recognized artist that she willingly assists in his rackets. The big carrot that Jason dangles in front of her is a gallery showing of her art. One evening, while fleeing the scene of a variety store robbery, Cheryl mistakenly thinks she has slammed the getaway car into Donald, a drunken philosopher. Cheryl thinks she's almost killed him, but Donald, who has a penchant for inept suicide attempts, believes she has saved his life and could be his guardian angel. Their lives become inextricably linked.

The movie Reluctant Angel, released in 1998, features 12 songs from artists like Ron Sexsmith, the Jessica Schoenberg Band, Groovy Aardvark and Daytons. What is your favorite song from Reluctant Angel?


Songs from Reluctant Angel

Speaking With the Angel
Ron Sexsmith
Wherever I Go
the Jessica Schoenberg Band
Ear Throb
Groovy Aardvark
Groovy Aardvark
The Chance You Took With Me
Cindy Church
Slip Away
Channel 61
Sleeping Head Down
Men O Steel
Nothing Boy
The Lux
Sugar Street
Sonya Cot?
Amen My Love
the Jessica Schoenberg Band

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