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Rai Rai! (2005)

Shortly after David Abbott moves into his new San Francisco digs, he has an unwelcome visitor on his hands: winsome Elizabeth Martinson, who asserts that the apartment is hers -- and promptly vanishes. When she starts appearing and disappearing at will, David thinks she's a ghost, while Elizabeth is convinced she's alive.

The movie Rai Rai!, released in 2005, features 6 songs from artists like Eppu Normaali, Kotiteollisuus and Kake Randelin. What is your favorite song from Rai Rai!?


Songs from Rai Rai!

Nyt reppuni jupiset riimisi rupiset
Eppu Normaali
Kielletyn puun hedelm?
Rakastaa/ei rakasta
Helvetist? it??n
Jannu huoleton
Kake Randelin

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