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Pizza: The Movie (2004)

Drama, controversy, and hilarity abound as uniquely talented and passionate pizza makers battle it out as they attempt to go for the gold against their international counterparts. Their quest is followed while exploring the pizza industry. The amazing and highly competitive world of acrobatic pizza-dough tossing is examined as competitors vie for spots on the U.S. Pizza Team and the chance to compete for the gold medal at the World Pizza Championship in Italy where teams perform choreographed dough-tossing routines to music while being scored by a panel of judges.

The movie Pizza: The Movie, released in 2004, features 15 songs from artists like Quickening, Auryn and Mike Ruetschle. What is your favorite song from Pizza: The Movie?


Songs from Pizza: The Movie

Long Way Home
Goodbye Again
So Wonderful
Your World
Her World
In Silence
All I Get From You
If You Really Wanted To Mess Me Up You Should Have Got To Me Earlier
More From This Life
Roam (Motionless Tonight)
Here's A Tip
To See The World
Mike Ruetschle
Change Your Mind
Tripped You Up

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