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Pilkkuja ja pikkuhousuja (1992)

Like it or not, almost anyone who has met a really serious poet finds that they have something about them which sets them apart from other people. It's not just a romantic legend. In wry but basically directionless Finnish movie, Paavo Pentikainen plays one of these ungainly beings, a man whose last published work is decades in the past, who probably hasn't written anything in years, but who still has an uncanny knack for precise observation, "pinning the tail on the donkey" almost every time. In the movie, the poet, accompanied by his young assistant, takes a minor celebrity's swaggering tour of small cultural centers and retirement homes.

The movie Pilkkuja ja pikkuhousuja, released in 1992, features 10 songs from artists like studio-orkesteri, Jarmo Savolainen, Jukka Jarvola and Elias-koulun oppilaat. What is your favorite song from Pilkkuja ja pikkuhousuja?


Songs from Pilkkuja ja pikkuhousuja

Hey Jude
Lullaby of Birdland
Jarmo Savolainen
Smoke gets in Your Eyes from musical Roberta
Jukka Jarvola
Armaan l?heisyys
Elias-koulun oppilaat
Halt! from Die Sch?ne M?llerin op. 25, D. 795
My Love
Tommy McCook and The Supersonics
Vitamin A
Baba Brooks and orchestra

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