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Petos (1988)

The very first American-style Post Office robbery in Finland. In the midst of the 60's a gangster quartet led by Hilarius Ruokonen splits up and go into hiding after the heist.

The movie Petos, released in 1988, features 8 songs from artists like Juice Leskinen Grand Slam, Harmony Sisters and Aune Antti & Deccan konserttiorkesteri. What is your favorite song from Petos?


Songs from Petos

Hilarius Hentomielinen
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam
Hymni till Finland/Hymni Suomelle (oopperasta Kung Karls Jakt/Kaarle-Kuninkaan mets?stys)
Pekka R?ty
Hinky-dinky parlez-vous/Inke-pinke-parlevuu
Pekka R?ty
Kotkan ruusu
Ali-Baba/Eldankaj?rven j??
Sulle salaisuuden kertoa m? voisin
Harmony Sisters
Karjalan kunnailla
Aune Antti & Deccan konserttiorkesteri
Orient Express/Meksikon pikajuna/'Henkipatto'
Tim Sj?berg and Mertsi Lindgren

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