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Pendulum (2001)

The nature and lure of power: in Dallas, a councilman is on trial for corruption, the D.A. is running for the US Senate, a serial killer is slashing prostitutes, and a professor is murdered. Amanda Reeve is assigned to investigate the law-school killing. She hears rumors that the dead man offered women students good grades in exchange for sex. The trail leads her to two wealthy, beautiful students whose alibi is provided by a librarian. At the same time, the cops close in on the slasher. Meanwhile, Amanda misses her former lover, next in line to become D.A., and a reporter is fired for getting close to the truth about the Senate candidate. Is a cover-up or conspiracy in the works?

The movie Pendulum, released in 2001, features 8 songs from artists like Haylie Johnson, Aurora and Tim Powell. What is your favorite song from Pendulum?


Songs from Pendulum

Cutie Pie
Haylie Johnson
Haylie Johnson
Ad Te Deamus
Have You Met Her
Tim Powell
The Real Swing Thing
Tim Powell
The Buzz

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