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Paradise Alley (1978)

Sylvester Stallone is fighting the odds again, this time in the wrestling ring. As Cosmo Carboni, he and his two brothers dream of getting out of Hell's Kitchen (circa 1946) and into the big time. The exit signs point to Paradise Alley, a sleazy private club where the floorshow consists of raucous wrestling matches with big purses. Stallone not only starred in and wrote this action-packed film, he also made his directorial debut in this tale of three guys who could take anything Hell's Kitchen could dish out.

The movie Paradise Alley, released in 1978, features 6 songs from artists like Sylvester Stallone, Tom Waits, Frank Stallone and Lee Canalito. What is your favorite song from Paradise Alley?


Songs from Paradise Alley

Sylvester Stallone
(Meet Me in) Paradise Alley
Tom Waits
Annie's Back in Town
Tom Waits
Angel Voice
Frank Stallone
Please Be Someone to Me
Frank Stallone
Fr?re Jacques
Lee Canalito

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