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One of Them (2003)

A school full of seeming good Samaritans turns out to be a front for evil in this exercise in horror. Five teenagers are enjoying a late-night ride when their car loses control, and they find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. The kids are taken in by the staff of the Marquez Academy, a private school not far away, but they soon discover their benefactors have a sinister side, and as they try to find out the truth about the Academy and its staff, they learn that many of the local townspeople hate and fear the academy and its students -- and with good reason.

The movie One of Them, released in 2003, features 11 songs from artists like Terry Reed, Keith Allison, Dum Dog Run and Craig Morris. What is your favorite song from One of Them?


Songs from One of Them

Voodoo Woman
Terry Reed
Get out on the Road
Keith Allison
Freedom Man
Keith Allison
Before I Turn Away
Psycho Girlfriend
Dum Dog Run
Break The Stone
The Rainbow's End
Craig Morris
Alan Dysert
Feel the Heat
Gary Kraen

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