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Mustard Bath (1993)

Matthew, a young medical student from Toronto, Ontario, returns to his birthplace in Guyana on receiving a letter from his mother three months after her death. Prompted by his surroundings to sort through the idealized memories of his childhood, Matthew reaches the horrifying realization that he has returned to a world which he was never a part of. Contemporary Guyanese reality highlights the white colonialist privilege his family had enjoyed.

The movie Mustard Bath, released in 1993, features 11 songs from artists like Grynner, Mighty Sparrow, Billy Wade with Tom Charles and his B-G Syncopators and Gabby. What is your favorite song from Mustard Bath?


Songs from Mustard Bath

We want more Grynner
Living on the frontline
No money for love
Mighty Sparrow
Lonely Man
Calypso Cha, Cha, Cha
Billy Wade with Tom Charles and his B-G Syncopators
Mama lite de lamp
Lord Kitchener
Happy Holiday
The Four Lords
Talk about love

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