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Manna from Heaven (2002)

Manna From Heaven is a comedic fable about what happens when you get a gift from God (a financial windfall), but many years later you find out it was a just a loan and it's due immediately. Once upon a time, many years ago, a neighborhood in Buffalo, NY is mysteriously showered with 20 dollar bills. Theresa, a young girl who everyone thinks is a saint, doesn't have much trouble convincing her loose-knit "family" that the money is a gift from Heaven. Years later, Theresa, who has become a nun, has an epiphany that it is time to pay the money back, so she calls the eccentric group together to repay the "loan." The problem is, nobody wants to give back the money, nobody has the money, they don't know to whom it belongs, and most of them can't stand each other. Along the way, the characters learn about family, romance, reconciliation and redemption, and by working together they begin to realize their full potential.

The movie Manna from Heaven, released in 2002, features 17 songs from artists like Salvatore Andolina, George Jones , Mike Moser and Dan Hull, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Mike Jones and The Marlborough Chamber Chorus. What is your favorite song from Manna from Heaven?


Songs from Manna from Heaven

Just the Way You Look Tonight
I'm Hobnobbin' With My Old Friend Robin
Blue Skies
Clancy Lower the Boom
Just the Way You Look Tonight
Salvatore Andolina, George Jones , Mike Moser and Dan Hull
Emperor Waltz No. 1
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
After You've Gone
Salvatore Andolina, George Jones , Mike Moser and Dan Hull
Smooth Talker
Mike Jones
Wiener Blut op. 354
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Agnus Dei from MISSA BREVIS
The Marlborough Chamber Chorus
L?gende No. 1: Francois d'Assise, La Pr?dication aux Oiseaux
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Manna Rap
Miracle Touch
Bluebirds Keep Singin' in the Rain
Blue Danube op. 314
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Merry Widow Waltz
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Palovtsian Dances (no. 17)
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

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