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Manchild (2008)

Schea Cotton is the subject of one of the biggest mysteries in basketball’s history. Described as “the Lebron before Lebron,” Inglewood-native Cotton dominated the likes of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and was one of the most highly touted high school athletes of a pre-social media era. Yet he never made it to the NBA. What happened?

The movie Manchild, released in 2008, features 6 songs from artists like Tierra Tramble, Elisha Ciara Lucas, Breyon Perry, Studio Musicians, Amy Bell and D-Note. What is your favorite song from Manchild?


Songs from Manchild

Happy Birthday
Tierra Tramble, Elisha Ciara Lucas, Breyon Perry
The One To Love
Studio Musicians
Not Your Gurl
Amy Bell
Everything's Changin'
On The Spot
Kurt Farquhar
No Stopping Us
Alpha Red

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