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Mana: Beyond Belief (2004)

All over the world, in every society, there are objects that have special power over people. People climb mountains or make pilgrimages just to see or touch them. They prostrate themselves or engage in rituals in their presence, caress them in the hopes of absorbing some of their magic, they enshrine them in temples or pass them on to descendants; wear them or store them in treasure houses or sometimes burn them. An individual object might hold power over only one group or even just one person, but the phenomenon of "power objects" is universal.

The movie Mana: Beyond Belief, released in 2004, features 10 songs from artists like Danny Jim Hatahlie, Ray Guillemette Jr., David Pasco and the Aradia Baroque Ensemble. What is your favorite song from Mana: Beyond Belief?


Songs from Mana: Beyond Belief

Beautyway Song
Danny Jim Hatahlie
Yu-no-machi Erejii
Volto di Dio
Suor Maria Elisabetta Mass?
Walk a Mile
Ray Guillemette Jr.
Battle Hymn of the Republic
David Pasco
Rembrandt Theme
Musikkapelle Rh?lingen
Overture to the Ballet Xerxes
the Aradia Baroque Ensemble
Also Sprach Zarathustra
the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Symphony No. 7
the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

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