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Magic Journey to Africa (2010)

Jana’s magical journey to Africa contains a deep message about friendship, love, passion, nature and imagination. It is a spiritual journey for adults and a magical one for kids, full of mysteries, adventures and discoveries

The movie Magic Journey to Africa, released in 2010, features 10 songs from artists like Jean-Paul Dupeyron, Eva Diaz, Sam Lardner and Alex Warner. What is your favorite song from Magic Journey to Africa?


Songs from Magic Journey to Africa

See Light
Jean-Paul Dupeyron
Desert Shores
Strange I Know
Eva Diaz
Animals Can Be Friends
Sam Lardner
Take Us Home
Alex Warner
Big Day
Antoncesare (Cece) Giannotti
Kabbo's ?ctures
Jean-Paul Wabota?
Pebble Trail
John Ward
Yellow Flowers/Pebble Trail
Maria Chapman and Jean-Paul Dupeyron
Kabbo's Pictures
Jean-Paul Wabota?

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