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Love Four (1994)

Raised by his grandmother, Owen lives the entirety of his life in the shadow of his parent's abandonment. Owen endures many relationship struggles with both his family and romantic partners which causes him to understand and sympathize with his grandmother and parents.

The movie Love Four, released in 1994, features 24 songs from artists like Cub and Danielle French. What is your favorite song from Love Four?


Songs from Love Four

Don't Worry
My Chinchilla
Summer Samba
I've Got Desire
Scarlett Wishes
Fallen Angel
Danielle French
It's Crazy Out There
Right Direction
Buy Me
Fall All Over
Matter and Spirit
Seems This Way
At 21
World Turning
Swim Against Your Body
Deep Inside No. 2
Misty Eyed Lady
Lonely Road
I Wanna Hump

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