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Life 101 (1995)

A college freshman Ramsy, played by Corey Haim experiences love for the first time in the 1960s when he asks out Joy, played by Ami Dolenz. An education of the heart.

The movie Life 101, released in 1995, features 22 songs from artists like The Amboy Dukes, The Seeds, The Syncs and Holly Fields. What is your favorite song from Life 101?


Songs from Life 101

Journey to the Center of the Mind
The Amboy Dukes
Pushing Too Hard
The Seeds
You Really Got Me
The Syncs
The End of the World
Holly Fields
Never Wore Glasses
Harris Frankou
She Walked Past Me
Harris Frankou
Saints and Angels
Leipssig Radio Orchestra and Chorus
Moonlight Sonats
Carl Schurtz
Nocterne in E Flat Major
Carl Schurtz
As Our Days Unfold
Looking For a Fast Lane
Holly Fields
Life 101
Persue Love
Whispers in the Rain
They Will Become
Never Go Home Again
Surfin' 101
Winfield Bennett Marine
Guitar 101
Winfield Bennett Marine
Struttin' 101
Winfield Bennett Marine
Winfield Bennett Marine and Holly Fields

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