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Liam (2000)

A morality tale of xenophobia, religious prejudice, mob violence, poverty, and their effect on two children in Liverpool during the Depression. When a shipyard closes, Liam and Teresa's dad loses his job. Liam, who's about 8, making his first Holy Communion, gets a regular dose of fire and brimstone at church. Teresa, about 13, has a job as a maid to the Jewish family that owns the closed shipyard. The lady of that house is having an affair, and Teresa becomes an accomplice. Liam stutters terribly, especially when troubled. Dad comes under the sway of the Fascists, who blame cheap Irish labor and Jewish owners. A Molotov cocktail brings things to a head.

The movie Liam, released in 2000, features 6 songs from artists like Bernadette Shortt and Julia Deakin. What is your favorite song from Liam?


Songs from Liam

Happy Days and Lonely Nights
Some of These Days
Bernadette Shortt
Someone to Watch over Me
Julia Deakin
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
The Merry Ploughboy
The Sash

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