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Le cousin (1997)

Nounours is the nickname of a "cousin" an informer with a special arrangement with the police: he gets 10% of the drugs seized thanks to his help. When his personal contact, inspector Maurin, commits suicide, inspector Gérard Delvaux takes over. Meanwhile, judge Lambert is uncovering the illegal practices of the policemen. Her persistent investigations, which had cornered Maurin, are leading to Gérard, and also to Nounours as the source of heroin that led to recent cases of deadly overdoses. Nounours promises Gérard increasingly bigger catches which he is intent on realising before he is forced to reveal who Nounours is to judge Lambert.

The movie Le cousin, released in 1997, features 15 songs from artists like Axelle Red, Mano Negra, Les Rita Mitsouko and Cheb Khaled. What is your favorite song from Le cousin?


Songs from Le cousin

A Quoi ?a Sert (1996)
Axelle Red
Casa Babylon
Mano Negra
C'est comme ?a (1986)
Les Rita Mitsouko
A?cha (1996)
Cheb Khaled
Baby Bop
Sara Mondiano
J'ai des doutes (1991)
Mangez-moi (1994)
Billy Ze Kick et les Gamins en Folie
Accoupl?s (1994)
Sa?da (1994)
Oui je l'adore
Rester femme (1997)
Our roots (began in Africa)
Pharoah Sanders
Le lion est mort ce soir (The lion sleeps tonight)
Pow Wow
Ca tue l'amour
Rachel des Bois
Le monde est fou (1990)
Pauline Ester

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