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Laurel Canyon (2002)

Laurel Canyon focuses on Sam and Alex, a pair of upper-middle class lovebirds from the East Coast who relocate to Los Angeles. Enter Jane, Sam's estranged mother, a successful record producer, who's more than willing to put the couple up in her lavish digs. As Sam and Alex settle in at Jane's, they gradually lose their straight-and-narrow approach to life and begin to experiment.

The movie Laurel Canyon, released in 2002, features 21 songs from artists like Sparklehorse, Leroy, OGM Studio Group and Mercury Rev. What is your favorite song from Laurel Canyon?


Songs from Laurel Canyon

It's a Wonderful Life
Good Time
Quartet (The Lark) (1790)
OGM Studio Group
In a Funny Way
Mercury Rev
How Do You Sleep (2002)
Anna Waronker
Do It Again (1972)
Steely Dan
Scapegoat Wax
The Shame of Life
Butthole Surfers
Do You Know What I Mean (1971)
Lee Michaels
What's My Name
My Only Love (1980)
Roxy Music
Planet Queen (1971)
Chateau Ramble (2002)
Daniel Lanois , Mark Linkous and Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Oscar Brown
Baxter Dury
Tear Off Your Own Head (Doll Revolution Remix)
Elvis Costello
Bonnie and Clyde (1968)
Serge Gainsbourg (a duet with Brigitte Bardot )
Ma Rencontre
Bertrand Burgalat
C'Est Si Bon (1947)
Eartha Kitt
Shade and Honey (2002)
Ian's Band and sung by 'Alessandro Nivola '
Someday I Will Treat You Good (1995)
Ian's Band

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