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Hatley High (2003)

The Canadian teen comedy Hatley High sends up high school sports rituals by placing a most unlikely competitive game at the center of its story: that of chess. Tommy (Nicholas Wright) is a new arrival in his parents' hometown of Hatley, whose mother recently died. He discovers, after the fact, that his mom was once a chess pro and thus a legend in the community. Tommy's chess-fixated peers accept him almost instantly, inferring that he must have inherited his dear mother's skills, but in time Tommy carves out a niche for himself independently of his mom's legacy, and strikes up an enduring romance with Hyacinthe (Rachelle Lefevre) a "chess cheerleader." Two fictional British filmmakers "frame" the tale by filming it for a documentary that they are producing, and thus provide witty, ongoing narration.

The movie Hatley High, released in 2003, features 20 songs from artists like Choir of the Bolshoi Theatre. What is your favorite song from Hatley High?


Songs from Hatley High

Brand New Day
Grenadine: March of Seagulls Mix
Russian National Anthem
Choir of the Bolshoi Theatre
Take You Out
7 Steps
Destination Overdrive
Fred's Chess
Ocean Drive
She's Going to Be
Gimme Love
Critical Position
The Happy Accordian
Anyone for Croquet?
Proud Mother
One Bar Blues

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