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Gun (2010)

A drama set in the world of weapon dealing.

The movie Gun, released in 2010, features 13 songs from artists like Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana, 50 Cent and Seasalt Biscuits. What is your favorite song from Gun?


Songs from Gun

Bullets Whistle
Tony Yayo
Beamer Benz or Bentley
Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana
Shut Up Bitch
50 Cent
When we touch
Seasalt Biscuits
Bullet Strike
Ben Zarai and David Allen Kitchens
What Up Gangsta
50 Cent "
Officer Down
Lloyd Banks
Muddy Casualties
I'll Be The Shooter
50 Cent / Lloyd Banks / Tony Yayo
I'll Be The Shooter (Edited Version)
50 Cent / Lloyd Banks / Tony Yayo

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