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Gang Related (1997)

Two corrupt cops have a successful, seemingly perfect money making scheme- they sell drugs that they seize from dealers, kill the dealers, and blame the crimes on street gangs. Their scheme is going along smoothly until they kill an undercover DEA agent posing as a dealer, and then try to cover-up their crime.

The movie Gang Related, released in 1997, features 9 songs from artists like 2Pac featuring Noble and E.D.I., Quincy Jones, Daz Dillinger and JU C. What is your favorite song from Gang Related?


Songs from Gang Related

Lost Souls
2Pac featuring Noble and E.D.I.
Keep your eyes open
How Do U Want It
Quincy Jones
Way to major
Daz Dillinger
Joe's Nightmare
Freak Sumthin'
Can't Fix It
Staring at the world thru my rearview
2Pac, E.D.I. and Kadafee
Walk don't sleep

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