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Fuera de carta (2008)

Maxi thinks is life is perfect. He is a famous cook who own a top hype restaurant in Chueca. He is living his homosexual life without complex. But when his son Edu and his daughter Alba appears, and comes a new neighbor which is an attractive ex famous Argentinian soccer player, they will punch his regular life and change his valors.

The movie Fuera de carta, released in 2008, features 7 songs from artists like Tino Casal, Barricada and Amaral. What is your favorite song from Fuera de carta?


Songs from Fuera de carta

Tino Casal
No hay tregua
Despu?s de 8 tequilas
El artista del alambre
S?bete a este tren
Javier C?mara , Lola Due?as and Fernando Tejero

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