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Forever Fabulous (1999)

Jean Smart stars in the beauty queen road trip about a mother and daughter pageant pros going back home to Texas for a shot at redemption.

The movie Forever Fabulous, released in 1999, features 14 songs from artists like Dave's True Story, John Yingst & Jan Peterson, Pepe Motta and Scott Nickoley & Jamie Dunlap & Joey Scarbury. What is your favorite song from Forever Fabulous?


Songs from Forever Fabulous

Sequined Mermaid Dress
Dave's True Story
If Only
John Yingst & Jan Peterson
Metti Una Sera a Cena
Pepe Motta
The High Cost of Low Living
Scott Nickoley & Jamie Dunlap & Joey Scarbury
Shocking Blue
Put Your Heart Into It
Chicks Cheer
Perfect Love
Scott Nickoley , Jamie Dunlap & Scott Eversoll
The 51st State
Jivin Jake Jern
Pao de Azucar
Daniel Indart with Bob Sheppard
Lookin' for Love
Jean Smart
Anyone But Me
Jake Jern

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