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Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll (2006)

Flying Saucer Rock N Roll is the debut feature film from the father-son duo Eric and Joe Callero. The year is 1957 as a group of rockabilly and beatnik teens are visited by weed smoking Martian zombies who have come to take their earth women. Filmed with respect for classic horror films and full of laughs as the viewer is taken on an adventure like no other.

The movie Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll, released in 2006, features 19 songs from artists like Rockin Rocket 88, The Taggy Tones, Johnny Mercury and the Hot Rockets and Highway 54. What is your favorite song from Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll?


Songs from Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll

Crazy 'bout her Automobile
Rockin Rocket 88
My Girl Should Be Like That
The Taggy Tones
Jenny (I'm Singin' the blues)
Johnny Mercury and the Hot Rockets
Free Ride Ticket Blues
Highway 54
Paintin' The Town
Lil Bit & The Customatics
Vegas Lights
The Chop Tops
Hot Car Girls
Hopped Up
Mors Ex Supera
The Koffin Kats
The Ballad of Johnny Keen
The Keen Kousins w/ The Chop Tops
Grave Robbers (From Outer Space)
Thee Merry Widows
My Nightmare
Stigma 13
Stigma 13
I'm A hobo
Marshall Scott Warner
Miss Froogie
Wild Wax Combo
Back Stage Queenie
The Chop Tops
Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll
The Chop Tops
Lone some Street
The Chop Tops
The Koffin Kats
Instrumental Nocturne
the Keen Kousins w/Sinner

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