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Ecco noi per esempio... (1977)

Poet Palmambrogio Guanziroli loses his wallet mere moments after arriving in Milan. He locates the culprit, a photographer nicknamed 'Click' and takes up residence with him until he either gets his money back or his poetry published.

The movie Ecco noi per esempio..., released in 1977, features 14 songs from artists like Santa Esmeralda. What is your favorite song from Ecco noi per esempio...?


Songs from Ecco noi per esempio...

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Santa Esmeralda
Sofisticated Lady
Rapp's Boogie
Kiss Me Good Bye
Try To Satisfy Me
Linda Bella Linda
Sniff Snuff
Shock Me
There's No Matter
Il Primo Pensiero

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