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Early Frost (1982)

Private Detective Mike Hayes (Guy Doleman), is working on a divorce case, when he stumbles upon a series of cover-ups that leads to a corpse. His investigation takes him into the lievs of two families living in the Sydney suburbs. Although they look like ordinary people, one of them is the killer. Hayes meets the strange teenager David Prentice (David Franklin), who keeps a violent crime scrapbook, and Val Meadows (Diane McLean), the mistress who believes that someone is trying to kill her. The more the investigation deepens, the more twisted and complex it becomes. It appears the only people who hate Val enough to want her dead, are her own family. Could it be her two sons, alienated by her dominant nature, her lover, or even her best friend?

The movie Early Frost, released in 1982, features 9 songs from artists like Naomi Warne, Doug Parkinson, Malcolm McCallum and David Spall. What is your favorite song from Early Frost?


Songs from Early Frost

Always let him know
Naomi Warne
Can't we start over
Naomi Warne
Safe beneath the water
Doug Parkinson
Cutting loose
Doug Parkinson
Danger danger
Malcolm McCallum
The key
David Spall
Good time lady
David Spall
Turn out the light
Steve Kiely
Theme for Valerie

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