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DysFunktional Family (2003)

Between sets from his hilarious live stand-up routine, in which he riffs on everything from Michael Jackson to terrorism, comedian Eddie Griffin tours his hometown of Kansas City and introduces viewers to his eccentric clan in this edgy mockumentary. Griffin's uproarious family members include oddballs such as Uncle Buckey, a former pimp, and Uncle Curtis, who possesses an extensive porn collection ... much of which he filmed himself!

The movie DysFunktional Family, released in 2003, features 16 songs from artists like James Brown, Kurupt, Eastwood, Crooked "I" and Danny Boy featuring Ja Rule and Michelle. What is your favorite song from DysFunktional Family?


Songs from DysFunktional Family

Set Me Free
Hail to the Chief
Get Up offa That Thing
James Brown
I'm Back
Kansas City
James Brown
Belly Dance
Who Wants 2 Fuck Tonite
Eastwood, Crooked "I" and Danny Boy featuring Ja Rule
I Know Where I'm Going
Uncle Bucky's Theme
March of the Winkies
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 Allegro Con Brio
I'm Balling
Eastwood and Crooked "I"
I'm a Gangstaz
Juvenile , Skip and Young Buck
Too Street 4 T.V.
Dysfunktional Family Theme
Danny Boy, Crooked "I" and Eastwood
2 of Amerika's Most Wanted

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