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Drive (1997)

Drive follows Toby Wong, whose employers at Hong Kong's Leung Corporation have implanted in his chest a bio-energy module that enhances his physical abilities. Toby has escaped from the Leung Corporation's control and is making his way to Los Angeles, where a competing company has offered to remove the implant and give him his life back.After arriving in San Francisco, Toby encounters -- and, in desperation, kidnaps -- Malik Brodie, who has the means to get him to Los Angeles. Following close behind are professional assassins and junk-culture connoisseurs Vic Madison and The Hedgehog, who are pursuing Toby in the employ of the Leung Corporation's president, Mr. Lau.

The movie Drive, released in 1997, features 19 songs from artists like Intellect, Final Cut, Juno Reactor and Buddha Heads. What is your favorite song from Drive?


Songs from Drive

Yankee Doodle
Romeo And Juliet
Where's the Party At
He Remembers She
Final Cut
Circus Music
Won't You Come Home, Malik Brody
Guardian Angel
Juno Reactor
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Buddha Heads
Rat on a Wheel
Redneck with the Blues
Billy Bob Shane
Kick & Bass
Buddha Heads
Rough Rock
Surf 'N Turf
Flight to Fantasy
Livin' on the Edge
Local Hero
Lover Boy
The Cleftones
I Can Make You Feel Good

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