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Dreamtime (2002)

Produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993. The performance is divided into three movements, each reflective of Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love and Time Wave Zero. McKenna's presence is combined with the neo-psychedelic visuals of Rose X and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeridusita, Stephen Kent.

The movie Dreamtime, released in 2002, features 12 songs from artists like Yes. What is your favorite song from Dreamtime?


Songs from Dreamtime

In The Presence Of
And You And I
Give Love Each Day
Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil)
In The Course Of The Day
Spirit Of Survival
Can You Imagine?
Your Move
Close To The Edge
Long Distance Runaround ('Remember The Dream' Remix)

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