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Cycles (2001)

As a woman anxiously awaits her overdue period, she performs African-based rituals of purification. She cleans house and body, and calls on the spirits (Orishas in the Yoruba tradition), receiving much needed inspiration and assurance in a dream. The film combines beautifully intimate still and moving images of the woman’s body and home space, along with playful stop-motion sequences. —Jacqueline Stewart, UCLA Film and Television Archive

The movie Cycles, released in 2001, features 9 songs from artists like Teenage Girls and Good Lawyers, Shut Up Marie and Allrise. What is your favorite song from Cycles?


Songs from Cycles

Whacha Gon Do
She's Gotta Have It
Four Aces
Down On Me
Teenage Girls and Good Lawyers
Heavy Metal
Teenage Girls and Good Lawyers
Raining Like Crazy
Shut Up Marie
Up To Us
Spontaneous Ego

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