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Criminal Court (1946)

In a break from his heroic "Falcon" role, Tom Conway stars as Steve Barnes, a criminal attorney known for his unorthodox courtroom tactics. After accidentally killing a crooked nightclub owner, Barnes is stuck on the horns of a dilemma when his sweetheart, cabaret singer Georgia Gale (Martha O'Driscoll), is arrested for the crime The problem: How can Barnes clear Georgia of the murder without implicating himself?

The movie Criminal Court, released in 1946, features 3 songs from artists like Martha ODriscoll as Georgia Gale. What is your favorite song from Criminal Court?


Songs from Criminal Court

She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
Martha ODriscoll as Georgia Gale
I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night
Martha ODriscoll as Georgia Gale

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