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Craptastic (2008)

"Craptastic" is a sketch-comedy film unlike any other. Presented in a "stream of consciousness" manner, characters proceed from one sketch to another, following a single thread that flows between them. With the use of strange, bizarre and hysterical situations, our cast follows a cohesive mindset that will leave you most surprised in the end.

The movie Craptastic, released in 2008, features 8 songs from artists like Freak Flag, Caustic Bloodline, Butterfly Vendetta and Death Mask. What is your favorite song from Craptastic?


Songs from Craptastic

On The Fence
Freak Flag
Suspicious Prescriptions
Freak Flag
Caustic Bloodline
99 Truths
Caustic Bloodline
Her Bloodstained Grin
Caustic Bloodline
Like A Wave
Butterfly Vendetta
Bitches of Eastwick
Death Mask
Toxic Sphincter Binkie
Skot Stover

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