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Comic Book: The Movie (2004)

A host of real-life celebrities - including Hugh Hefner, Stan Lee, and Kevin Smith - journey into the world of comic book fandom! Documentary filmmaker Donald Swan heads to the world's largest comic book convention where he encounters a culture of craziness that he's totally unprepared for.

The movie Comic Book: The Movie, released in 2004, features 10 songs from artists like The Makmusic Orchestra, Vibrolux, Annica and Billy West & Jess Harnell. What is your favorite song from Comic Book: The Movie?


Songs from Comic Book: The Movie

Commander Courage Theme
The Makmusic Orchestra
Up All Night
4 Color World
Billy West & Jess Harnell
Welcome to My World
To Be Alone
Danny Blitz
The Animators
Superguy Blues
Mark Teague
Game Don't Get Old
Sir Mix-a-lot
Good Enough for Grandad
Squirrel Nut Zippers

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