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Clifford's Really Big Movie (2004)

Clifford overhears Mr. Bleakman say that feeding him must cost a lot of money. A carnival act called "Larry's Amazing Animals" has just been in town, and the animals in the show told Clifford about an animal contest with a prize of a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies. So he decides to run away along with Cleo and T-Bone, join the carnival act, win the contest, and bring the food back.

The movie Clifford's Really Big Movie, released in 2004, features 8 songs from artists like Kyle Gordon, Jody Gray, Laura Berman and Romaine Jones. What is your favorite song from Clifford's Really Big Movie?


Songs from Clifford's Really Big Movie

Until I Go
Kyle Gordon
Party Time
Jody Gray
I'm Not Scared Anymore
Ren?e Cologne
You and Me
Jody Gray
Big Time
Jody Gray
Larry's Amazing Animals
Jody Gray
Until I Go Reprise
Laura Berman
Home Where I Belong
Romaine Jones

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