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Chuck & Buck (2000)

A 27-year-old amateur playwright with the maturity level of an adolescent reconnects with a childhood friend, and then proceeds to follow him back to Los Angeles and stalk him.

The movie Chuck & Buck, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like Gwendolyn Sanford , Smokey Hormel and Joey Waronker, Stephen Thomas Cavit & Jim Knodle, Tracy and the Hindenburg Ground Crew and Modern Lovers. What is your favorite song from Chuck & Buck?


Songs from Chuck & Buck

Nothing Really Blue
Penguin Caf? Orchestra
Freedom of the Heart
Gwendolyn Sanford , Smokey Hormel and Joey Waronker
Nwo Tew
Air a Danser
Penguin Caf? Orchestra
Look Both Ways Before You Cross
Paul's Dance
Penguin Caf? Orchestra
It's Kind of Complicated
Stephen Thomas Cavit & Jim Knodle
Prelude and Yodel
Penguin Caf? Orchestra
Tracy and the Hindenburg Ground Crew
Eye Protection
Astral Plane
Modern Lovers
A World of Joy and Harmony
The Last Stand, Still
Girl Next Door
V'Adoro Pupille
Amanda Tan
Nearer My God, To Thee
Dr. Worm

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