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Caged Women II (1996)

Nicole Clark, a young beautiful and talented aspiring singer finds that living in a big city is not all its "cracked up to be". After being sexually harassed by her record Producer and then coming home to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman she decides to take a break from "living in the fast lane" and hitch-hikes back to Elwood, the small town she grew up in. In the middle of nowhere, scared, and short of rides, she is picked up by sly and deceptive small town Sheriff Riley who promises her safety and a ride to the next town. Nicole finds herself being a pawn in a macabre covert white slavery ring run by Marta Samtani. Nicole's only salvation now is her boyfriend and Detective Nate Penna, the policeman put on the case after she is reported missing.

The movie Caged Women II, released in 1996, features 6 songs from artists like Mink, Gary Grant, Dena Davis and Wild at Heart and Trinia Cox and The Gary James Project. What is your favorite song from Caged Women II?


Songs from Caged Women II

Secrets of The Heart
Torch of Love
Gary Grant
If I Had You
Dena Davis and Wild at Heart
Nicole's Theme
Trinia Cox and The Gary James Project
Penna's Theme
The Gary James Project
Tie Me Up
Trinia Cox and The Gypsies

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