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Breathing Room (1996)

She's Kathy, a comix cartoonist; he's David, teaching English to new immigrants. It's New York City, with 29 shopping days left until Christmas, and they're in love. Or are they? Their romance has been on-again, off-again because David can't bring himself to say, "I love you." He can say it in French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, but not English. So, when she learns at an inopportune time that he's applied for a job in Ho Chi Minh City, she asks for breathing room until Christmas; the film chronicles the ensuing days of restless indecision.

The movie Breathing Room, released in 1996, features 9 songs from artists like Clarence Carter, The Raincoats, The Kevin Salem Band and Los Toros Band. What is your favorite song from Breathing Room?


Songs from Breathing Room

Back Door Santa
Clarence Carter
No One's Little Girl
The Raincoats
The Kevin Salem Band
Popurri Navideno El Cascabel
Los Toros Band
Hold On -Boomshanka Mix
Happy Clappers
A Party for Santa Claus
Lord Nelson
Ho Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum
The Cucumbers
Aatavu Chanda
Vijaya Anand
I Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love
Everything But The Girl

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