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Bewafa Sanam (1995)

Traditional rivals arise between two Pathan families who were at daggers drawn for many generations. Brought up with immense love and affection Rukhsar, a beautiful damsel is Fatehkhan's daughter. Rukhsar with a dear friend Kanchan and other friends go to a hill for an outing. As the luck would have it, Rukhsar gets attracted to Salman, the rider is Sherkhan's son. Sherkhan.....the eternal enemy of Fatehkhan. Love blossomed admist all adversities. On knowing the truth, Fatehkhan finds his wrath too much to control. On the other hand, Sherkhan is extremely happy to know that his son is in love with his worst enemy's daughter and promises Salman that he will get him married to Rukhsar. The marriage is settled after great difficulties. On the marriage occasion Fatehkhan places an incredible demand in Haque-Meher. Sherkhan is dumbfounded and shocked but gives in for his sons happiness...

The movie Bewafa Sanam, released in 1995, features 7 songs from artists like Nitin Mukesh and Sonu Nigam. What is your favorite song from Bewafa Sanam?


Songs from Bewafa Sanam

Wafa Na Raas Aayee, Tujhe Woh Harjayee
Nitin Mukesh
O Dil Todke Hasti Ho
Zindagi Mein To Sabhi Pyar Kiya Karte Hain
Ui Ui Ui Meri Amma
Achcha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar Kiya
Sonu Nigam
Teri Gali Wich
Yeh Dhoke Pyar Ke Dhoke

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