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Besieged (1998)

When an African dictator jails her husband, Shandurai goes into exile in Italy, studying medicine and keeping house for Mr. Kinsky, an eccentric English pianist and composer. She lives in one room of his Roman palazzo. He besieges her with flowers, gifts, and music, declaring passionately that he loves her, would go to Africa with her, would do anything for her. "What do you know of Africa?," she asks, then, in anguish, shouts, "Get my husband out of jail!" The rest of the film plays out the implications of this scene and leaves Shandurai with a choice.

The movie Besieged, released in 1998, features 19 songs from artists like Stefano Arnaldi, Andrea Quercia, Papa Wemba and John Coltrane. What is your favorite song from Besieged?


Songs from Besieged

Fantasy in D Minor K397
Stefano Arnaldi
Sonata from op.7 in E minor: 2nd Movement
Stefano Arnaldi
Prelude in E Flat Minor
Stefano Arnaldi
Study op. 8 no. 12 in D Sharp Minor
Stefano Arnaldi
32 Variations in C Minor
Stefano Arnaldi
Waltz in E Major
Andrea Quercia
Maria Valencia
Papa Wemba
Le voyageur
Papa Wemba
Mambote na nje
My Favourite Things
John Coltrane
Ali Faraka Toure, Ry Cooder
Full Option
Empire Bakuba
Cuore Matto
Little Tony
Stefano Arnaldi
Original score published by Editions Jaune Citron (SACEM)
Original soundtrack available on Milan/BMG Records

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