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Be My Baby (2010)

After dating several cheating husbands who pretended to be single, Rylee devises a scheme for revenge. She gets a married man drunk, convinces him that they slept together, then shows up a year later with a baby and demands money. Her blackmail plan is successful, but then she meets a single man, Max, who wants to be with her and keep the baby.

The movie Be My Baby, released in 2010, features 6 songs from artists like Robert MacMullan, Lesli Matta, Steve Carlson and Christian Campbell. What is your favorite song from Be My Baby?


Songs from Be My Baby

I Want to Believe
Robert MacMullan
Sad, Pretty Girl
Robert MacMullan
I'm Not Ready For Love
Robert MacMullan
Moving On
Lesli Matta
Now That My Love Is Gone
Steve Carlson
The Hedonist
Christian Campbell

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