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Barnum! (1986)

The amazing biography of legendary circus impresario and unparalleled showman, P.T. Barnum.

The movie Barnum!, released in 1986, features 20 songs from artists like Michael Crawford, Jennie McGustie, Deborah Grant and Michael Crawford and Company. What is your favorite song from Barnum!?


Songs from Barnum!

There is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute
Michael Crawford
Thank God I'm Old
Jennie McGustie
The Colours of My Life
Deborah Grant
The Colours of My Life
Michael Crawford and Company
One Brick at a Time
Deborah Grant and Bricklayers
Museum Song
Michael Crawford and Company
I like Your Style
Michael Crawford and Deborah Grant
Love Makes Such Fools of Us All
Sarah Payne
Out There
Michael Crawford
Come Follow The Band
The Potomac Marching Band, Washingtonians and Michael Crawford
Bigger Isn't Better
Christopher Beck
Black and White
Deborah Grant, Choir, Jennie McGustie, Michael
The Colours of My Life reprise
Michael Crawford and Deborah Grant
The Prince of Humbug
Michael Crawford
Join the Circus
William C. Witter, Michael Crawford and Circus Performers
The Final Event There is a Sucker Born Ev'ry Minute reprise
Michael Crawford
Produced and Recorded by John Burgess of Air Studios.
Engineered by Steve Churchyard assisted by Nigel Barker.
Recorded at Air Studios London on June 21st and 22nd, 1981.

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