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Bank Bang (2008)

Two brothers, Michalis and Nondas, work at an office of funerals and they try to make money. However, Nondas is in trouble with Greek mafia and has to assemble immediately a, not at all negligible, sum. Thus, he proposes to Michalis to begin robbing banks. However, for their bad luck, the head of police, in order to face the rapid increase of criminality has begun to place secret police officers in the subsidiary companies of all banks, making the life of the two brothers more difficult. The situation gets out of control when Michalis meets the love of his life at the banking employee, with a particularly “graphic” familial life… BANK BANG is a crazy comedy that no one is not what it seems, no one does what is supposed to do and that all the consequences of the above you would never wish nor in your bad enemy! It is to lose her?

The movie Bank Bang, released in 2008, features 6 songs from artists like Anna Vissi, Fun Lovin Criminals, Sofia Vempo and Finley Quaye. What is your favorite song from Bank Bang?


Songs from Bank Bang

To parelthon mou
Anna Vissi
The Fun Lovin' Criminal
Fun Lovin Criminals
Poso lypamai
Sofia Vempo
Love Gets Sweeter Every Day
Finley Quaye
Le ciel, le soleil et la mere
Fran?ois Deguelt
We Came Along This Road

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