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Bad News Bears (2005)

Morris Buttermaker is a burned-out minor league baseball player who loves to drink and can't keep his hands to himself. His long-suffering lawyer arranges for him to manage a local Little League team, and Buttermaker soon finds himself the head of a rag-tag group of misfit players. Through unconventional team-building exercises and his offbeat coaching style, Buttermaker helps his hapless Bears prepare to meet their rivals, the Yankees.

The movie Bad News Bears, released in 2005, features 19 songs from artists like Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra, Gary Sredzienski, Los Straitjackets and The Young Holt Trio. What is your favorite song from Bad News Bears?


Songs from Bad News Bears

Music from 'Carmen'
Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Pizzicato Polka
Gary Sredzienski
Na Wesele Witosa (At Wito's Wedding)
Gary Sredzienski
Close to Champaign
Los Straitjackets
Wack Wack
The Young Holt Trio
Dynasty 2
Star Spangled Banner
Shinin' On
Grand Funk
Everything is Alright
Motion City Soundtrack
Muscle of Love
Alice Cooper
Eric Clapton
Phantom Planet
This is War
Simple Plan
Bad Reputation
Senses Fail

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