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American Nightmare (2002)

A deranged female serial killer stalks seven young people whom phone a radio call-in show to discuss their darkest fears and a night-long game of cat-and-mouse is put into motion by the darkly sinister-looking murderess.

The movie American Nightmare, released in 2002, features 18 songs from artists like The Mag 7, Ghoultown, The Standards and The Lakewood Rats. What is your favorite song from American Nightmare?


Songs from American Nightmare

A Lullabye for Eden
The Mag 7
After 2
4:30 AM
The Standards
Angels of Our Better Nature
The Lakewood Rats
Eden Automatic
Kill Me Now
The Necro Tonz
My Final Resting Place
In League With Satan
Boots of Hell
Snake Shake
The Sandblasters
Humanoids from the Deep
Kill Creeps
The Duel
The Sandblasters
Evil Red Triple Seven Slots
Smokey Logg & The Flamethrowers
Killer in Texas
Orange Power
The Falcon Project
The Nightmare Ensemble
10 Seconds to Blood
Hush Little Baby
Brandy Little and Andrew T. Avera

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