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All That Jazz (1979)

Joe Gideon is at the top of the heap, one of the most successful directors and choreographers in musical theater. But he can feel his world slowly collapsing around him - his obsession with work has almost destroyed his personal life, and only his bottles of pills keep him going.

The movie All That Jazz, released in 1979, features 16 songs from artists like George Benson, Harry Nilsson, Anthony Holland and Peter Allen. What is your favorite song from All That Jazz?


Songs from All That Jazz

On Broadway (1963)
George Benson
A Perfect Day
Harry Nilsson
Take Off With Us
Anthony Holland
Everything Old Is New Again (1974)
Peter Allen
There's No Business Like Show Business (1946)
Ethel Merman
Bye Bye Love (1957)
Ben Vereen with modified lyrics ("Bye Bye Life")
Hospital Hop
Anthony Holland
After You've Gone (1918)
Leland Palmer with Ann Reinking and Erzsebet Foldi
You Better Change Your Ways
Ann Reinking with Leland Palmer and Erzsebet Foldi
Who's Sorry Now? (1923)
Ann Reinking with Leland Palmer and Erzsebet Foldi
Some of These Days (1910)
Erzsebet Foldi with Ann Reinking & Leland Palmer
Sing, Sing, Sing (1936)
Roy Scheider
Take Off With Us (Reprise)
Deborah Geffner , Sandahl Bergman , Eileen Casey , Bruce Anthony Davis ,
Concert in G
Sweet Sue, Just You (1928)
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag And Smile, Smile, Smile (1915)

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